Tommy & Michelle

Founder, Passionate chandelier

Kandl Scent was founded in 2017 by two passionate chandelier with their appreciation on hygge living and how the simplest things in life could potentially make life better.

Our scents are carefully curated for months to create the best balance of combination of scents which helps stimulate a room and its surroundings while calming you both mentally and physically. You should light it to believe it.

Kandl’s minimally designed jars and packagings are designed to be an aesthetic and minimal decor in every corner of the room. Even our boxes are meant to be reusable by folding them inside out.

Using only natural products, Kandl aims to make subtle differences in your life while making a huge difference in the environment with the power of scent and the feeling of hygge.

We have been promoting slow living around the world starting from the city of George Town, Penang.

Practiced by people around the world since centuries ago, burning a candle daily makes your mood and life balanced as it should have been especially in busy cities around the world. We promote slow living in a subtle way with sustainable product.

We invite you the hygge community and start living your live slow.